The Services we offer are focused on the Banking and Financial Industries.

Core Banking Transformation

A group of services that are bundled together and according to industry standard methodologies that allow us to transform the legacy core banking applications of our customers to the newest Market Leading Core, T24/Transact of Temenos.

Managed Services

In the fast-paced IT and Financial Software Industry, maintaining top-notch after-sales services is crucial for business success. The challenges demand scalable, available, and flexible operational services to handle increasing transaction volumes and evolving business requirements.

Digital Banking Services

With this group of services, we enable the bank's retail and corporate customers to do most of their banking in the digital world. We design, develop and implement Mobile Apps and Web App that are so rich in functionality, attractive and user friendly that make a bank's end customers do not want to visit any branch.

Consultancy Services

Prema Consulting is equipped, through its consultants and partners network, to provide its clients many Consultancy Services.

Cyber Security

We offer essential information security solutions to security-conscious companies. We work in collaboration with our partner network to provide products and services that effectively safeguard organizations against the constantly evolving landscape of security threats.